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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Call of duty:Modern warfare 2

the sequel to call of duty series and 2nd installation of call of duty modern warfare series.the struggle continues againt the russian ultranationalists as you take role of several in the last game even after the effortsU.S marine corps and the SAS russian ultranationalists take control of russia and declared imran zaekhov as a hero and a martyr and erected a statue in the heart of red square.with  the new texture streaming technology and the heart beat sensor one of the new things in this you progress through the campaign you unlock new things by experience points in each are always accompanied by your lads and one of the SAS character in the game (fictional)capt.john price has become a great british celebrity.with some awesome driving missions and a great story its the best to play
cpu:p4 3.2 ghz
gpu:512 mb ps model 3.0
hdd:12 gb 

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