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Sunday, 20 October 2013

5 must have games for android

With the release of the first android in 2007 it opened a new era in the world of gaming. With its open source structure it was easy for gaming companies to build better games.
there have been many outstanding games for android games but today lets check out the top 5 counting from number 5

NO 5:

Into the dead:

A little game developed by PIK POK games is a fun time pass. You crashed in middle of nowhere with all your crew either killed or missing you have only way to survive and that is to run. this is an endless running game with a mixture of first person shooter. While running you pick up weapon crates giving you a random
weapon ranging from a pistol to a chainsaw a minigun and a grenade launcher. With some great animation work and some great sounds this would feel like you are in the game. This game is available for free download on play store. The thing that i loved was the soud and the only thing you have to buy is the grenade launcher and that only costs like $ 4 (USD). The game would prove to be an addiction for you.

NO 4:


This game is developed by king. This is a good game for casual or Hardcore gamers. With millions of puzzles to solve you can compete with friends on Facebook. This game would be good for all family members. My mother first started playing for the first day to see whats so special she kept on playing bthe whole day long.
This game is addicting. You wont stop until you've solved the puzzle you've started. If you are stuck on a puzzle you cant skip it by paying real money. You can buy special moves etc etc.

NO 3:


developed by mad finger games as the name says is a zombie shooter set in 2012 where economies have crippled and the zombies have brought humanity to extinction you have to smash your way through zombie hordes kill them all with a huge arsenal ranging from a basic submachine to a pistol a shotgun and ALSO an alien gun yes an alien gun. A really addicting game with very polished AI and some awesome animation and sound makes it on number 3. This game is a freemium but as we all know noting is free in this world they are saud to be free but you have to pay for stuff still like some weapons you need gold and gold is bought or either won in the casino if you are lucky enough. Why is it on no3 then , because of the paying stuff and it have a lot of it and as you progress it gets harder and harder and the missions start to get boring but still as my slogan is GAMEPLAY MATTERS it provides a pretty great gameplay. You can download the game for free on PLAY STORE. Its onlz a 150 mb download good. Provides a lot of entertainment Though.

NO 2:

Modern Combat 4: Zero hour 

The Best First person shooter franchise on android Modern combat delivers the best Action to your android. With a great multiplayer and an awesome gameplay. It have explosions Cool campaign a Thrilling multiplayer this is like a condensed PC game in your pocket. Developed by gameloft probably the best developer for android. But this game have a little price tag of 6.99 $ (USD) but i dont think this would be too much for a game with some console quality graphics and awesome animations.

NO 3:

Blitz Brigade

behold the NO 1 android game Blitz brigade as you would have known by the name its also a first person shooter. This game is also developed by Gameloft. You must have played battlefield hereoes on your PC if you havent you should go and play as its also a freemium. Blitz brigade is a Battlefield hereoes styled game set in World war II. This game is primarily a multiplayer shooter But it have 100+ training missions in which you can perfect your skills with some awesome gameplay you can drive vehicles This game includes Helicopters,Jeeps,Tanks and etcetera etcetera.This game Ran like a boss on my Mali 400 powered tablet and delivered some great animations you can unlock Classes plus a range of weapons. The classes includeAssault, medic, sniper, spy, recon and heavy gunner. This game would keep you in your couch for hours As its addicting and well it doesnt takes much time to master. You can download and play this game for free From Play store


so now that you know about the best games i recommend you to download these and play these. with the android looks like a dawn of a new era in Gaming. With the production of devices like Nvidia Sheild, Ouya , and Xperia play Gaming looks like having a future in android.